Get patients. Get insights. Start quickly. 

Gain real-world recruitment insights for an upcoming study or start generating

qualified patients for your active study sites NOW.

The recruitment ecosystem needs to evolve

Protocols continue to become more and more specific - making recruitment more


Unqualified referrals result in site fatigue, stress, and risks to your clinical trial.

Recruitment budgets burst due to inflated “fee for performance” pricing to account for high-risk recruitment requirements.

Sites may over estimate recruitment projections resulting in missed targets due to lack of bandwidth.

De-risk your patient recruitment ASAP

Quickly de-risk your decision-making

Quick launch

Patient contact

Patient access

Data & insights

IRB approved* digital recruitment and online screening launched within


Clinical Contact Center engages patients to educate, build intent and further qualify.

Access all qualified patients that 83bar generates during the QuickStart period.

Performance analysis, utilizing weekly reports, allow us to scale quickly to meet requirements.

* Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

QuickStart can help with...




Learn how much recruitment should cost, which inclusion/ exclusion criteria creates obstacles for recruitment or the costs to recruit a specific cohort for your study.

Launch recruitment for any study and ensure recruitment feasibility ASAP.

Lock in projections and scale after initial success.

Do you need to launch an effective rescue clinical trial?

Are your current vendors performing as well as they could? 

How do protocol changes affect your budget?

Ready to get started

About 83bar

83bar is redefining patient recruitment, engagement, and journey management. We deliver the right patient, at the right time to the right place for clinical trials and commercially available healthcare products. We push patient recruitment further, faster and provide insights, analysis and oversight using our patient activation capabilities. The result? Qualified, informed, and high-intent patients for your clinical trial, drug, diagnostic or device.

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